Corporate Structure, Business Succession & Tax Planning

Quantum Strategies Wealth Advisory advises in all aspects of estate and business planning, including Corporate Structure, Business Succession, and Tax Planning. Our clients include entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives, professionals, and other high-net-worth individuals.

Our team takes a unique approach and acts as “business advisors”, working in collaboration with our clients’ accountants, attorneys, and other professionals.

We develop plans for asset management, business succession planning, and the transition of wealth to subsequent generations. We do not draft any documents but act as the quarterback by coordinating with our clients and their advisors in all aspects of their estate planning. This includes individual and business tax matters, choice of business entity, business succession planning, family law issues (including pre- and postnuptial agreements and estate and gift tax consequences of proposed divorce settlements), retirement benefit planning, insurance, and real estate issues.

Quantum Strategies Wealth Advisory partners with professionals who can employ all the appropriate estate and business planning tools for our clients which include:

  • Revocable living trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, dynasty trusts, and asset protection trusts
  • Qualified Personal Residence Trusts (QPRTs)
  • Grantor-Retained Annuity Trusts and
  • Unitrusts (GRATs and GRUTS)
  • Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts (IDGTs)
  • Charitable trusts
  • Creation of family limited partnerships and limited liability companies
  • Buy-sell, employment, deferred compensation, and stock-bonus agreements
  • Planning with life insurance, including life settlements and premium financing

In addition to the sophisticated tax aspects of estate planning and centralized management of assets, we organize all of the client’s documents, policies, investments, and savings accounts on a secured virtual vault.

Successful owners of closely held companies and family businesses have a series of unique issues that if not handled effectively can place a tremendous burden on all of the stakeholders.

The professionals at Quantum Strategies Wealth Advisory specialize in helping the ownership identify and groom successors either internal or external and create a capital structure designed to minimize both income and estate taxes.

Although many people have completed some planning, we find they can either make small adjustments or, in some cases, major revisions to their plan to maximize the effectiveness and bring it in line with their stated objectives.

We begin by helping you crystallize your long-term objectives while identifying specific shorter-term strategies that will help you achieve your goals.

Our team performs a comprehensive analysis of your current plan by reviewing the management team, assets, legal documents, and effectiveness of your current plan vs. your stated objectives.

You and your team will receive various strategies that will help you in the planning process and – most importantly – we will coordinate with your accountant and attorney to implement your plan.

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